Complete Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Services in Alberta and Western Canada

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is quickly becoming the preferred method of choice for many industries requiring underground construction. Alberta is no exception, as drilling companies across the province are increasingly turning to complete Horizontal Directional Drilling services to meet their needs. It’s easy to see why – this innovative technology has revolutionized the way we construct pipelines and other underground structures, significantly reducing the time, money, and environmental impact associated with traditional trenching methods.

Not only that, but HDD also provides superior accuracy compared to other methods of drilling.

This blog post will provide an overview of how does HDD work, its applications and benefits, the types of services available in Alberta, and how they can be used to maximize efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

What Is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an efficient and cost-effective method of installing underground pipes, conduits, and cables. It has become a popular option for many industries due to its ability to drill under roads, rivers, or any other obstructions without disrupting the surface.

HDD is also used for projects such as oil and gas pipelines, water lines, sewer systems, telecommunications systems, and more.

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How Is Horizontal Directional Drilling Done?

The process involves drilling a borehole from one point to another with minimal surface disturbance.

This method of drilling offers many advantages over traditional open-cut methods which we will be going to explore below, including less environmental impact and cost savings.

The horizontal directional drilling process begins with the planning phase – mapping out the path between two points. This includes evaluating soil conditions and the position of existing utilities to ensure safety on the job site.

Once this step is complete a pilot hole is drilled along the planned route before installing a reamer at the end of it to make room for larger-diameter pipe installation. The operator then navigates this pilot hole along a predetermined path until reaching its final destination.

As they proceed, they must also maintain pressure and ensure that the hole remains in line with their desired trajectory while avoiding any potential obstructions like rocks or groundwater pockets.

Wondering how this will be achieved?

With the use of tracking devices that monitor progress throughout all stages of HDD operations, along with precision engineering and navigation techniques. Ultimately drillers can accurately guide their equipment through difficult terrain or obstacles without changing course.

This allows them to avoid areas with clay soils or bedrock that could damage the drill string during installation while taking control over several factors such as rotational speed, mud flow rate, and cutting head design to achieve success.

HDD Benefits

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a method used for underground pipeline installation.

HDD offers many advantages compared to traditional methods of underground construction.
Here are five of the biggest benefits that HDD can bring to any project:  

1. Versatility

HDD can be used in a wide range of situations, including crossing roads, railways, and other obstacles where surface access may be impossible or impractical. This makes it an ideal choice for projects involving difficult terrain or when underground services must remain undisturbed during construction works.

2. Cost Savings

HDD requires less surface disruption than traditional open-cut methods, saving time and money on overall construction costs. Additionally, HDD eliminates the need for several backfill layers, further reducing costs associated with labor and materials.

3. Reduced Environmental Impact

Since it requires minimal surface disruption, HDD is an environmentally friendly solution that can be used in highly sensitive areas such as urban locations or areas with delicate ecosystems or wildlife habitats without damaging them.

4. A Convenient Process

Multiple down holes can be drilled from the same rig. Also, these boreholes can extend up to a mile down, and for more than five miles at shallower angles. By using existing pathways from the point of entry to the exit point below ground level, HDD eliminates the need for large excavation sites that can destroy ecosystems and disrupts nearby structures.

This makes HDD a great choice for environmentally sensitive projects as well as projects located near important buildings or facilities.

5. It Maximizes Extraction

Drilling horizontally is quickly becoming the go-to method for maximizing extraction in geological reservoirs. Horizontal directional drilling, can reach more sections of a given reservoir than any other form of extraction and has many benefits to offer over traditional drilling techniques.

It also increases the accuracy of good placement and ensures that operators can target deeper sections with ease, leading to greater efficiency overall.

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How to Choose HDD Contractors?

Choosing the right HDD contractor is an important step for any project that involves horizontal directional drilling (HDD). When deciding on an HDD contractor, there are several factors you should consider:

First, you should research the different types of HDD contractors available. Different contractors offer different services and expertise so it’s important to find one that suits your needs best.

Second, you should make sure they have a solid track record of successful projects in their portfolio as this will give you peace of mind that they know what they’re doing and can deliver quality results.

Last but not least, it is important to research the company’s safety record and certifications; these credentials can provide valuable insight into their proficiency with complex drilling operations. Making sure they possess adequate liability insurance coverage and appropriate workers’ compensation benefits; will protect both parties if anything goes wrong on-site during operations.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Industries Can Benefit from Horizontal Directional Drilling Services?

HDD services are often used by telecommunications companies to install fiber-optic cables and conduits, as well as other communications lines with minimal disruption to roadways, landscapes, and structures. In addition, this service is also beneficial for municipalities that require underground piping systems such as sewer and water lines.

Oil pipeline installations can also be accomplished with horizontal directional drilling services since they do not require an open trench excavation along the route of the pipe.

What Are the Benefits of HDD Services Over Other Types of Drilling?

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) services provide a unique and efficient means for the installation of underground infrastructure in areas that are otherwise hard to access. It is a trenchless method of installing pipelines and cables beneath existing surfaces, such as roads, grounds, or water bodies, making it an environmentally friendly option for many projects.

HDD services offer specific advantages over other types of drilling which make them especially suitable for certain jobs. The major benefit of HDD services over other types of drilling is the reduced level of disruption caused to the surface during the installation process.

By using specialized steering and tracking technologies, operators can accurately guide their drills below ground without having to break through the surface, eliminating any need for digging or excavating along a pipeline’s route.

This makes HDD particularly suitable for areas with high levels of traffic or sensitive environments where traditional excavation methods may not be feasible.

What Equipment Is Used for Horizontal Directional Drilling Jobs?

The primary component for HDD jobs is the drill rig itself; this typically includes an engine, transmission, and steering mechanism that control the power unit.

This robust machine can be customized depending on the project requirements and typically includes a self-propelled unit with mounted hydraulic power packs, pumps, and other components that are used to drive the cutting head into the ground. In addition to the drill rig, other pieces of equipment are needed to properly perform horizontal directional drillings such as down-hole motors, mud pumps, reaming tools, and bits.

Furthermore, auxiliary items like pipe handling equipment or jacking frames may also be required depending on the scope of work involved.

What Causes a Bend on a Directional Drilling?

Directional drilling uses an electronic guidance system that relies on constant feedback from sensors to accurately control the steering of the drill head. When this system fails or runs into interference, it can cause deviation from the intended path which can lead to bends in the drilled hole. Other potential causes of bends include hard obstacles like rocks or boulders that are encountered by the drill head, or changes in soil composition causing unexpected shifts in direction of the borehole’s progress.

Additionally, if there is significant friction between the borehole wall and piping, this can also contribute to bends in directionally drilled pipes.

How Far Can Directional Drilling Go?

The process of directional drilling begins with a vertical borehole which is then steered in a specific direction. And with modern technological advancements such as horizontal drilling, this method can be used to dive deep beneath the surface, reaching depths beyond what is achievable with traditional means.

These technologies are capable of reaching 10,000–15,000 ft (3000–4500 m) and may reach 25,000 ft (7500 m) when used under favorable conditions.

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