Health & Safety

Double M Construction Group believes the health and safety of individuals are valued above all else.

All incidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses can be prevented. A zero-incident mindset is the cornerstone of our culture.

We are committed to protecting people, the environment, and value community, strength and tradition.

Our Values and Beliefs

The first element of our Health and Safety program is leadership and accountability.

Management is expected to lead by example, demonstrating a visible commitment to safety, operations, and integrity.

Managers establish policies, provide perspective, set expectations, and allocate the resources for successful and safe operations. These are the foundations of our values and beliefs.

Employee Commitment

Double M Construction Group believes that to build a thriving safety culture, it is crucial that all employees know their roles and responsibilities.

Each individual in our organization is responsible for achieving zero incidents by demonstrating a commitment to our values and beliefs.

Together, we “Walk the Talk.”

Employee Competency

Training is a crucial component of Double M Construction Group Health and Safety programming. Our standards require employees to receive the appropriate training for their work environment to ensure tasks are completed safely. Ongoing training for all employees is critical to maintaining our values and beliefs and achieving our goal of zero incidents.

Active Participation

Double M Construction Group encourages all team members to speak out to inform management and supervisors of any safety concerns on the job site.

We strive to create a positive work environment where all workers can step up and play their part in health and safety.

We believe this is key to building a strong safety culture.

Continual Improvement

Double M Construction Group regularly reviews and evaluates our Health and Safety program to ensure it is effective and current.

Complacency is not an option.

We strive for excellence in our health and safety programming by utilizing our findings from worksite inspections, incident investigations, internal auditing, and employee and client feedback.

A Proud COR Member

Double M Construction COR Safety Seal in Alberta

At Double M Construction Group, we are proud to be a Certificate of Recognition (COR) member.

This means that our company has developed a health and safety program utilized for each job we are entrusted to complete.

Our program has been developed around the Occupational Health and Safety standards. It has been evaluated and approved by a certified auditor.

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