Hydrovac Services

Double M Construction delivers quality Hydrovac services.

As a leading Hydrovac company, we serve the utility, oil and gas and power industries across Western Canada.

We are based out of Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie, Alberta.

What is Hydrovac?

Hydrovac is a non-destructive ground disturbance method, which is typically used to locate existing underground infrastructure.

This method consists of high-pressure water loosening and turning the soils into a slurry to then be sucked up by a very powerful vacuum, which is then stored on the truck in a debris tank.

This allows any existing underground utility to not be damaged while being exposed.

Our Hydrovac machines are brand new and equipped with larger than average debris and water tanks. Yet, they are light enough to make them excellent for dumping on-site or hauling debris off-site to a disposal facility.

Our staff has extensive experience in the safe operation of Hydrovac equipment ranging from oil sands and pipeline applications, to residential and commercial roles.

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